About Us

Kunming wood car rental co is specialized in business tours, meetings and conventions, business travel, a comprehensive company. Company active introduced advanced of enterprise mode, draw good of management experience, makes company has a experience rich of staff, to professional of service, seriously of attitude to adapted market of needs, makes company gradually development has! provides Kunming car rental, Kunming car rental, Kunming car rental company, Kunming car rental network, Kunming car rental company, Kunming since driving car rental, Kunming car rental since driving, Kunming car rental price, Kunming car rental which home good, Kunming tours.

strict management system of professional skilled drivers; warm and thoughtful service, safety and comfort, perfect service. Is our commitment to our clients, corporate reputation and quality guarantee. Long-term credits to companies providing: Mercedes-Benz, BMW luxury car; Buick (wind) commercial vehicles, Buick (Passat) series cars, Southeast Delica and other commercial vehicles, please call the Advisory, price concessions.