Kunming 150 new today or for letting

from now on, if you raise a taxi, a brand new Polaris parked in front, don't be surprised, that is my new cabs in Kunming. Yesterday, reporters learned that Expo taxi limited today, the first batch of 150 new car is expected to hit, purchased by zhongbei taxi company for 50 cabs are expected to road in the near future.  

"30th 100 Polaris and 50 clear first in the morning after the seventh checkpoint testing meter and other equipment, you can go. "The Expo taxi limited manager says there are 50 taxis models needed municipal science and Technology Bureau and industry management, bidding, and agreed that the acquisition yet.

100 Polaris was developed by Faw-VW cabs, the price for 99800, displacement 1.6L. Changchun have arrived in late October from Queensland, sprayed in mint green paint. The difference between the new and old taxi, is add the double balloon, and body frame reinforcement.

"these new car invoices, accuracy to ' corner '. "The manager told reporters, each Polaris car dashboards are installed at the left corner GPS, radio-embedded print below the meter, which is enabling printing for the first time in Kunming-meter (100 additional accessible taxi the same print meter is installed). Metered taxi companies can be printed on phone, license plate number, and off time, take the mileage and time, charge amount, cash payment or an IC card payment, IC cards on the balances and so on.

in addition, the new taxi with a counterfeit feature reading lights, large trunk space configuration, roof lights LED advertisements have been installed.

added 250 new taxi for 8 years in Kunming right 5 standard's total sales of 102.65 million Yuan. Among them, the Expo companies get 150 Polaris and the right to operate accessible taxis, amounting to 62.75 million Yuan, equivalent to about 418,300 per Yuan and another 50 new energy of taxi operation rights for 14.5 million Yuan, equivalent to 290,000/unit. North tours (Group) company to 25.4 million Yuan to cover the 50 accessibility right, or $ 508,000 yuan each.

contract cost, managers: "we each new contract fees have been set, 4800 Yuan a month, can be said to be operating at a loss. "He said right to the 8-year terms divided down equivalent per month per vehicle of about 4358; plus Polaris 100,000, accessible prices spread over 90,000 each month, Kunming market has more than 4800 Yuan a month contract fees.

Next, the Kunming taxi uniform to work, managers say, clothing costs by the company.