Kunming: water airport indoor parking the car 8

yesterday was informed that since last December, the water of Kunming International Airport "vehicle parking services charges" after a feasibility study meeting, the specific standards recently adopted the Kunming city development and Reform Commission for approval. In particular: indoor parking building small cars starting at 8, outdoor small car starting at 5, motor vehicle parking for 15 minutes (including 15 minutes) free of charge. This price for the trial, the trial period 1.  

indoor parking building small cars starting at $ 8  

on December 26 last year, water of Kunming International Airport held feasibility study meeting on the fees for motor vehicle parking services. Kunming city development and Reform Commission, said at the meeting is given a preliminary review opinions, the views consistent with the final approval of first instance – indoor parking garage (parking only small cars): small cars starting at $ 8/1th hours, every half hour after adding 2. Parking 24 hour limit of 60 Yuan.  

outdoor parking (small, medium and large vehicles parked): small cars starting at 5 Yuan/1th hours, every half hour after adding 1. 24 hour limit 40; large and medium starting at 12 Yuan/1th hours, every half hour after adding 5. 24-hour limit of 100 Yuan. (Note: the above charge, are less than half an hour or 1 hour, charging by the half hour or 1 hour price, more than 24 hours, according to the above approach to billing. ) 

taxi parking: 2/liangci (to facilities of a charge. Multiple times on the same day parked taxi from airport development programme. ) 

this standard identified in the approved tariffs for the trial price, a 1-year trial, the airport parking lot after normal operation, will verify the reasonableness of the charges according to actual situation, for 1 year after preparing formal charges.  

parking maintenance cost over 20 million years  

long water airport parking building (farm) building total area of 260,000 square meters, the actual covers an area of about 178,800 square metres (268.5 acres), about more than more than 4,500 total parking spaces with a total investment of about 1.452 billion yuan, with initial estimates, annual operation cost of 20.8 million Yuan. In a taxi parking, water airport has set up a dedicated taxi Park, located in on the left side of the terminal building, 961 taxi parking spaces have been set up.  

how parking prices determined? Water of Kunming International Airport-related parties, to ensure that the operation of the new airport car park parking safe, orderly, and maintain the image of long water aerodrome, in the standard motor vehicle service upholding the legitimate rights and interests of the parking charges. According to national provides, charges implemented Government pricing, so, airport related sector in learning reference Chengdu, and Chongqing, and Shanghai, and Beijing, airport experience of based Shang, field Management Center on charges standard how both social service and economic do has in-depth research, and integrated the airport motor vehicle park service charges standard, combined Yunnan province, and Kunming overall economic level and the long water airport operation of cost, developed has long water airport parking charges standard programme (draft).  

at present, according to the Kunming city development and Reform Commission for approval, long water aerodrome "fees for motor vehicle parking services" in the water after the formal operation of the airport to commence.  

comparison of  

wujiaba airport parking charges  

small cars  

starting at 3 Yuan/  1th hours;

medium (16-30)  

starting at 4 Yuan/  1th hours;

bus (over 30)  

starting price 6 Yuan/  1th hours;

Note: parking for more than 1 hour, per hour plus 1 today, less than 1 hour 1-hour billable. Parking under 15 minutes is free of charge.